MAXgreen Believes ALL companies should feel the obligation to give back to their community and their planet, and that triple bottom line businesses should be standard.

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MAXgreen Gives Back

MAXgreen gives back to the community with every job we complete by planting a tree and donating $10 for every window and door replaced, and planting 5 trees and donating $50 for every roofing or siding project we complete in 2018, with half of that going to the Calgary & Edmonton Counselling Centre and the Calgary & Edmonton Distress Centre, with a matching donation being made to the registered charity of YOUR choice!

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MAXgreen was proud to have reached an amazing milestone in 2015. We have now surpassed $100,000 raised for local charities through this MAXcommunity program, in less than 6 years since its launch!

MAXgreen plants a tree for every window and door that we replace through
MAXgreen limits our printing and uses email as much as possible. For the printing we do, we offset it by purchasing Carbon Plus Credits from The Carbon Farmer at Visit their website to read more about ways you can help to give back to our planet.

MAXgreen is proud to support Trico Homes and the Homes of Hope Program, as Adam Jones will be donating his time and travel costs to help build a home for a less fortunate family from April 19th through 22nd, 2012 in Tijuana, Mexico.

MAXgreen was also proud to participate in the City of Calgary & Edmonton’s “43rd Annual Pathway & River Clean-Up” on Sunday, May 2nd to help restore Calgary & Edmonton’s natural beauty.

MAXgreen was thrilled to have the opportunity to donate our services to help fix up some rotting wood windows for The Rehabilitation Centre of Calgary & Edmonton. We replaced all of the rotten trim pieces and provided our custom cladding services to result in a maintenance-free finish for the Centre. We truly understand the difficulties that come with operating a charity that must rely on their own fundraising for all revenue generation. We were very happy to be able to provide this much needed service.

We received a wonderful thank you card from our friends at The Rehabilitation Centre of Calgary & Edmonton.

Through our MAXcommunity by MAXgreen program, we are very proud to have supported the following amazing organizations over the last few years. Please click on the link to their websites to find out how they are making a difference in our community and how you can get involved in making a difference.

Through our MAXcommunity by MAXgreen program, we are very proud to have supported the following amazing organizations over the last few years:

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