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What is the Best Calgary Roofing Material Choice?

May 31, 2018

  • Calgary Roofing options have come a long way in the last 10 years. We get a lot of hail and wind so the manufacturers have adapted and improved their shingles to help keep the life in your shingles as long as possible.
  • Standard builder grade shingles (ie. GAF Timberline, IKO Cambridge, CRC Biltmore) are very common for new construction projects where the builder does not have to live with the long term consequences of saving the money up front. But of course most homeowners don't think about what type of shingles are protecting their most important investment. They simply assume they are good quality. Just like when you buy a brand new car - you expect the tires are good quality as well.
  • For not a large extra investment you can get shingles which are a step up from Builder Grade - with reinforced nailing strips to ensure the best possible warranty against wind blow offs (ie. IKO Dynasty, CRC Regency, Owens Corning Duration).
  • Because hail is so common in Alberta, there are shingles with a special rubber additive ("SBS") in the shingles that help to absorb the impact of hail stones (the test uses a 2" steel ball dropped from 20') without cracking the shingle and causing possible leaks. These shingles receive a "Class 4 Impact Rating" and may even reduce your insurance premiums! But most importantly they prevent the likelihood of having to pay a $2,500 deductible AND the depreciation by the insurance company applies on your roof if you do have to make an insurance claim! On many roofs the up front upgrade cost is actually less than the cost of your deductible!

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