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What is better? Sliders or Casement (crank out) windows?

March 1, 2017

Just like selecting the frame material for your new windows, the most ideal operating style of your windows depends on your unique situation.

  • Sliding Windows are the most economical and easy to use operation style for new windows, however they do not seal as tight as casement (crank out) or picture windows. Sliders allow water to drain out through the frame to the exterior, but that also means water and air can potentially get into your home. Sliders also have less moving parts and are simple to use and maintain so they are often a great choice for rental properties.
  • Casement Windows (cranks out with hinge on the side) and Awning Windows (cranks out with the hinge on the top) feature compression weatherstripping to seal out the elements and ensure maximum efficiency. Any wind or driving rain actually helps add to the tightness of the seal, resulting in a leak proof window.

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