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Triple Bottom Line Businesses Succeeding Despite Economic Slowdowns

February 23, 2015

With the price of oil down, everybody in Calgary seems to be worrying about the future of our local economy. After all, the oil and gas market is what generates billions for this province's public services, directly provides thousands of jobs, and trickles down those earnings to other local industries, especially construction.

  • Will housing prices drop?
  • Will skilled labour costs go down?
  • Will I be laid off due to the slower economy?
  • Is this the right time to be doing a renovation?

These are all common questions and you can talk to half a dozen "experts" and get 6 different theories on each question.

Unfortunately, many business still look at only one bottom line - their profit.

So, when times are tough, it is often: "Sorry Bob but we cannot afford to keep you employed,” or "Let's cut back on the team building programs and RRSP matching,” or "We can no longer sponsor that minor hockey team because we just are not getting return on our investment.” Sound familiar?

Luckily, with the rise of social media, celebrities (Brett Wilson and Arlene Dickinson from Dragon's Den to name a few), and companies who truly do care about the average "Joe" and the planet we all live on, there has been a brighter light shining on "Triple Bottom Line Businesses,” which are businesses that value the Planet and People as much as Profit.

From planting trees for every product sold (,, to Offering or Purchasing Carbon Offset Credits (, to Installing Solar Panels on the Roof of Buildings (, to Promoting Stigma-Free Discussions about Mental Illness (, many businesses are giving back to their employees, their customers, their communities, and the planet we all share, all while still providing a fair return for their shareholders.

Our business, MAXgreen Windows, Doors and Exteriors ( is a bit different than some of the others listed above, as we are a Small Business (under 20 employees as of this article) in the Construction Industry - which unfortunately is an industry with a bad reputation for shoddy workmanship, rip-offs, and projects that cost thousands more and take twice as long as on the "estimate,” thanks to various "Renovation Nightmare" TV shows.

MAXgreen started with a humble mission: “To provide exceptional service and quality to the Calgary Window and Door replacement market after hearing way too many horror stories about this business.”

But every company provides "great service" and "the best quality", right? That's what their website says, right?
Anybody who has owned a home for more than 5 years and has had work done will probably tell you, that that is not even close to being true.  Saying something and doing something are 2 completely different things.

So what truly sets the great companies apart from the ones who want to make a quick buck and get on to the next job?

We don't think it is just our social conscious and giving back to the community. We think that should be standard across all industries and all businesses.

By donating $5 for every window and door replaced to our yearly MAXcommunity Charity of Choice and the same amount to our customers' charities of choice ($11,000 raised last year for alone and almost $100,000 total in 5 years for AARCS and dozens of other great charities), we are able to give back more with the more we grow.

We believe every business should commit to giving just a small % of revenue back to the community, which only grows when the business grows.

And, we believe that consumers should decide to purchase from companies showing a great social responsibility.

If both are always present, then the amount of GOOD becomes unlimited.

Beyond the social responsibility of giving back to the planet (through Carbon Offset Credit Purchases and Planting a Tree for every window and door replaced) and local charities, people are also a huge priority.

Our entire team is like a close knit family because we all believe in a greater good than just making a pay cheque.

  • MAXgreen believes EVERYONE deserves a COMFORTABLE and LEAK-PROOF home FOR GOOD.
  • MAXgreen believes you SHOULD NOT have to replace windows and doors every 10-20 years like many companies are banking on.
  • MAXgreen believes the price you are quoted is the price you should pay!
  • MAXgreen believes renovations should be STRESS-FREE and CLEAN.

MAXgreen believes we can leave the World a better place for our children and grandchildren and beyond.

The Triple Bottom Line has been a successful business model across many industries and MAXgreen's mission is to spread the word and get others encouraged to get involved with giving back and shop at socially responsible businesses.

Please join us in supporting businesses focused on the Triple Bottom Line.

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