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MAXgreen Windows, Doors, and Exteriors Becomes Baeumler Approved

March 5, 2015

MAXgreen is very excited to join the Baeumler Approved network of trusted professional home improvement contractors.

Those who wach HGTV Regularly are very familiar with Brian Baeumler and his high quality and straight forward approach to home renovations and home construction.  Brian's team often goes in to fix up horry story projects for homeowners, help fix bad DIY projects, and helps homeowners get the most out of their renovation investment.

Brian's team believes in Business Ethics, Quality Workmanship and Materials, and a High Level of Customer Service.  Their Approved Contractors are also very well screened to ensure they are also upholding those same values on all projects.

To find out more about the program and find a Baeumler Approved Contractor for your next project, please visit and search by Contractor Type to ensure you do not end up as one of the "victims" on the next HGTV episode featuring the latest Renovation Horror Story.

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