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How long is the warranty for home windows in Calgary?

This is one of the most important questions to ask as windows are a significant investment in your home's long term maintenance and efficiency.

Unfortunately many companies spend more time talking about the product warranties rather than the installation warranty. Even the best windows in the World can create a lot of problems later if they are not installed properly, including operational issues, failure issues, and most worrying, leaking issues.

If a window or siding project leaks, often times it takes quite some time before the damage shows within the drywall as the vapour barrier protects the drywall from showing the moisture. That is why a 5 year window or siding installation warranty is NOT sufficient protection for your home.

We have seen many homes and buildings with water issues from improperly installed windows which were replaced only 5-15 years prior, but incorrectly. After a 5 year warranty expires there is no recourse for the owner.

We feel you should expect at minimum a 12 year written installation warranty. After all, why settle for a home warranty that is less than a car warranty?

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