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Hot or Cold: The Best Season When to Paint Your House

April 20, 2018

Guest Blog Author: Lisa Jones

Fresh paint can absolutely transform the appearance of your home. But painting a house can be an expensive and arduous task. Forceful winds, humidity, and extreme temperatures can seriously influence the durability of the task. That’s why choosing the right time of the year is just as crucial as selecting the best house paint.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before you start painting your home. Painting the interior and exterior of your house isn’t the kind of task that you can do at any time of the year. Make sure to choose the best time when you should start painting your house.

Here’s a guide to help you determine when is the right time to paint the interior and exterior of your home.

Painting the Exterior

You might be still recovering from the freezing days in Canada, but preparing ahead of time and deciding on having a spring paint makeover will provide you a long-lasting house paint and save you time for the upcoming summer fun.

If you’re thinking about painting your house’s exterior, spring is the perfect season to do it. Here are few reasons why you need to start your project this spring.

Spring gives the perfect weather condition

When the climate is mild and dry, exterior paints are the most durable and can provide a protective finish. If it’s too windy, the paint surface can become embedded with dust and other contaminants. Avoid painting your home’s exterior in boiling temperatures because the paint will only dry very quickly and crack.

You might not want to do it if the temperature is 40-50 degrees or below because most house paint will not last under those temperatures. It’s not a great idea to paint at high temperatures as well, because if the temperature is above 85 degrees, the paint might just dry quickly and will only lead to having visible brush marks and paint clumps.

Painting it in spring weather will give you a cleaner and long-lasting paint job. By being patient with the seasons, not only do you give

Your home’s exterior got stressed out after a long winter

Winter conditions like rain, snow, frost, ice and high humidity can only damage the paint. Moisture has a negative impact on the paint and causes it to soften and swell, which can lead to blistering, cracking, and peeling. It is best if you inspect your home at the beginning of spring to spot some rotting wood or other paint issues.

Painting the Interior

When painting the interior walls, there are different factors to be considered, in comparison to painting exterior walls.  It can be a difficult task due to the necessity of bringing out the furniture from the room and waiting for the paint to dry.

It’s easier to paint the interior walls of the house because the temperature is different and more controlled. Even if it’s a bit easier to decide when to paint, it is recommended that you paint during fall or early winter.

Consider these reasons why interior painting should be done in the colder seasons.

Humidity is lower during the cold season

High humidity causes the paint to dry slower than usual, and this can lead to slower accomplishment of your paint job. You can’t put back your furniture inside the room so your house will be in disarray until the paint dries and you can fix the furniture inside. You also waste time waiting for the paint to dry and you miss out on some important household activities.

Cold air speeds up the drying of the paint. Add a running furnace to help the cold weather dry the paint. You might have to leave a few doors or windows open to let the cold weather to actually affect the drying process.

Winter means fewer customers

Business tends to be slower during the winter, so there is less competition for you when hiring people to do your paint job. It could also lead to discounts because of the low number of customers.

It might also be more convenient because there are holiday breaks. You don’t have to take days off from work in order to supervise the painting process.


Durable and high-quality home stucco paint is achieved by considering some important factors. It’s not only the paint that matters, but the time of painting is also an essential part of achieving a beautiful paint job.

Author Bio

Lisa Jones is a housewife and a freelance writer. She constantly looks for new and practical ideas for home improvement and she shares these ideas through her articles and blogs. When not writing, Lisa often stays at home and cooks for her family.

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