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Calgary Food Bank Chosen as the 2015 MAXcommunity by MAXgreen Charity of Choice

February 9, 2015

MAXgreen Windows and Doors is very happy to announce our latest MAXcommunity partner, The Calgary Food Bank!

Did you know???

  • Every $1 donated to the Calgary Food Bank actually results in $5 worth of food going to those in need?  This is because of their amazing industry partners that can provide food at or below cost to help those in need!
  • It only takes $65 for the Calgary Food Bank to feed a family of 4 for an entire week!
  • Children make of 43% of people who come to the Food Bank for help.
  • 1 in 8 Canadian households struggle to feed their families.
  • 1 in 5 Canadian parents say they have skipped meals so their children could eat.
  • 132,469 Calgarians accessed the Food Bank in 2014.

*Stats above are taken from the Calgary Food Bank "2014 Fast Facts" Sheet at

MAXgreen Windows and Doors has a food donation box and a cash donation box set up at our office at 123, 4999 - 43 Street SE, and any donations over $10 cash will receive a tax receipt.

Visit to learn about what you can do to help those less fortunate, from holding a food drive, holding a fundraiser, volunteering your time, or simply donating funds.

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